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About Us

HISTORY ……. Ceiba lodge is named after a surviving (two major hurricanes) young local tree known as «La Ceiba» in Spanish or «Ya’axche» in Yucatecan Maya.

While this tree has historical and cultural significance to the Maya as the «tree of life» to us it’s a representation of resilience, growth and prosperity.

PURPOSE …….Created to host retreats, church camps, missionaries, and our interns and volunteers while serving in Fundación Medica San Lucas’s ministry activities.

As part of the vision of «Fundación Médica San Lucas», Ceiba Lodge is a self sustaining ministry that creates jobs in the region and is a blessing to the community.

The first stage was completed in May of 2022. By God’s provision, we envision expansion in the near future.


Rooms designed to create a sensation of serenity.


Common areas that are conducive to team building and integration.


Then God said «Let the land produce vegetation: seed bearing plants and trees. And it was so.


“CEIBA LODGE” is tucked in the Mayan jungle, on the border of the Yucatecan city of Valladolid. In the design and operation, we envision systems that create a balance between human experience and the natural environment, keeping in mind the least possible disturbance of nature’s inhabitants. Valladolid is a colorful city and we kept those vibrant colors in each design.

Due to the special climate of the Yucatan peninsula, “CEIBA LODGE” shares the jungle with different species. Under its green tapestry lies an impressive flora and fauna with a great diversity of endemic species. There are multicolored birds, tapirs, deer, and let’s not forget the insects; all of which have been fighting for survival for centuries.

Each path (Sac Be in Mayan) takes you to different parts of the property opening the door to new experiences while offering a bit of connection with nature. There are a few running trails as well and some that connect to designated areas such as rec-room and pool (Camino Delfin), the palapa (Camino Jabalí), the hospital (Camino Hormiga), etc. “CEIBA LODGE” provides a unique experience to the guests offering a minimalistic yet comfortable stay.

Our Rooms


Casa Loro

Perfect for longer stays. Bedroom with two twin beds. Equipped with kitchenette, living/dining room, smart TV and a fouton.


Casa Aguila

We like to call it the mini suite. Full bed, kitchenette, smart TV, small dining space and desk.




Casa Túcan & Casa Colibri

2 rooms with a large shared bathroom area.


Casa Cardenal & Casa Faisán

2 rooms with a large shared bathroom area.

Casa Flamingo & Casa Gaviota

Sleeps five in a large room with modern design and spacious bathroom with two showers, two sinks and two restrooms.



Community Connection

With our talents and gifts we serve the community. The core purpose of Community Connection is to provide service and empower each other. Internal activities include:

  • Worship nights
  • Bonfire
  • Indoor and outdoor games
  • Watching movies
  • Bird watching
  • Hanging out at the pool, etc.
  • Private small group meetings
  • Internet access & video capabilities

Experience Valladolid

  • Shop crafts in local markets.
  • Experience cultural and ethnic excursions to ancient archeological sites such as world famous Chichén Itzá
  • Explore and swim at a cenote (water hole).
  • Visit the town center, churches and parks.
  • Learn about the history of Valladolid and the nearly 500 year old Convent of San Bernardino of Siena.
  • Tour the colorful Calzada de los Frailes
  • Try the local cuisine.

Book Now

Send us a request with details for us to contact you. We will love to host you here!


Download this file to be able to assign the rooms to the participants, it is very important to verify the layout of the rooms. Send the file to the following e-mail , as soon as it is verified the reservations will be confirmed.

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